Second Story Pop Top: Part 4

What a difference drywall makes! Today’s post features the latest photos from Mari and Kelly’s jobsite, and a Q&A with HighCraft lead interior designer Jill Sanchez.

For more background about Mari and Kelly’s whole-house remodel, be sure to check out Part 1, Part 2  and Part 3 of this blog series.


Garage doors are in, and the board and batten siding is up. Once Tesla delivers and installs the solar roof tiles, we can apply stucco.


The entry’s large timber columns will be stained Tricorn Black by Sherwin Williams to match the accent siding and ceiling boards. The custom wood door (not pictured) will remain a warmer, more natural color to make the front entry pop. We love this photo’s peek through the front door, which hints at the impressive views on the other side.


Once inside the home, you immediately walk into the spacious living room with its massive wall of windows and vaulted ceiling. The adjacent kitchen shares the central natural gas fireplace. It’s always such an amazing transformation from framing (left) to drywall (right).


Here’s the view from the far kitchen corner, looking toward the shared fireplace and living room.

The second-floor catwalk will eventually have custom black metal railings for a clean and modern look. Again, drywall really helps to visualize the interior spaces, including this view from the office looking toward the master bedroom suite.


We’ve installed European oak hardwood flooring throughout the home, as seen here in the office.


HighCraft_interior_designer_Jill Sanchez
Jill Sanchez


What are some of your favorite things about this project?
“I love the transformation of the original house to now capture the view, and how the new layout meets the needs of each member of the family. The location is amazing, and these clients are the best!”

Inspiration photo via Apartment Therapy

“I’m excited to see the tile selections installed, too. In the master bath, we’re integrating dark blue cement tiles with white stars at the backsplash, transitioning them into the white shower surround tile.”

Inspiration photo via Cambria USA

“The kitchen will have this beautiful white Cambria quartz with flecks of metallic gold and navy blue veining called Portrush. It will be on all of the counters and the entire backsplash behind the range.”


“I also love the custom metal stair design that will be painted black with hardwood treads and open risers, making a statement right when you open the front door.”

Can you describe the design style of the home?
“Overall, Mari and Kelly lean toward modern, but they have an eclectic style and didn’t want the house to feel cold and stark. We blended several styles into one cohesive design that lets their personalities shine through.”

Inspiration photo of orange starburst hex tile via Rickert Tile

“You can see farmhouse style in the cabinetry, Moroccan style in the fun bathroom tiles, and modern style in the doors and railings. We found a good balance between comforting, homey, vibrant and modern design elements.”

highcraft_design studio come on in

What was the selection process like with Mari and Kelly?
“The selection process was great. We met at the HighCraft design studio for the majority of the process. Mari and Kelly are so easygoing and open to ideas. It was a good collaboration, and fun to work through the selection process with them!”

How do you interact with the production side of this project to ensure the interior design vision comes to life as planned?
“With selections starting to go in now, we are regularly meeting with the project manager and the clients on site. We also schedule important walk-throughs together – electrical, pre-drywall, tile, trim – to make sure the design is implemented as planned.”

Anything else you want to add?
“There is such a difference from the original house, and the home feels so much more appropriate for the location. I’m excited for Mari and Kelly, and seeing their vision and selections come to life.”



This isn’t Mari and Kelly’s first home renovation, so we asked them how working with HighCraft compares with past remodeling experiences.

“We’ve done a couple remodels before, on our own with a general contractor. That was quite the headache,” Mari says. “The last few remodels we did completely consumed me. When you do it all yourself, the remodel can take over your life. It becomes your full-time job,” she adds. “That’s why we went with HighCraft, to see what the full-service experience was like.”

After working with HighCraft, would Mari and Kelly ever want to manage the day-to-day details of another remodel again?

“No way!” Mari says emphatically, remembering the stress of doing it all before. With this remodel, she says, “I didn’t have to go look at 5,000 pieces of tile. Jill was really awesome. She was able to pick things, narrow down the choices, and then I could just go to the HighCraft design studio. That’s super helpful on its own. It saved us so much time. I’m able to work at the same time as our remodel. HighCraft was worth it.”

“They ran all the approvals through the HOA,” Kelly adds, noting how much he appreciates HighCraft’s behind-the-scenes coordination. “Other than choosing the design aspects and finishes, it was hands-off for us, which was really welcoming.”

As their project continues to make steady progress, Mari and Kelly are able to sit back and relax, focus on their jobs, and enjoy time with their kids, because they know their remodel is in capable hands.

“We see why you guys have this awesome reputation,” Kelly says.


Stay tuned to this monthly blog series as we follow the home’s transformation, and see the installation of Mari and Kelly’s gorgeous interior design selections.

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