Second Story Pop Top: Part 3


Our design-build team is making good progress on Mari and Kelly’s whole-house remodel near Fort Collins. Today’s post features the latest photos and a Q&A with HighCraft production manager Matt Roessner.

For more background about the project and our amazing homeowners, be sure to check out Part 1 and Part 2 of this blog series.


HighCraft Home Building Contractor Matt Roessner
Production Manager


What’s happening on the jobsite right now?
“It’s busy, but in an organized way. We passed inspections for all the rough-ins. Insulation is in, and drywall started this week. We’re continuing to prep the exterior to get ready for stucco and stone.”


What are some of your favorite things about this project?
“The location is my favorite. It’s a really nice lot. By popping the top on the original ranch home, Mari and Kelly will get to enjoy those views.”


“That’s one of the coolest things for me. Taking that location and making the most of it by adding a sensible second story to capitalize on their surroundings.”


Were there any major production challenges you had to overcome so far? What were the solutions?
“I think the biggest challenge right now, for every company in the building industry, is material availability. The shortages caused by pandemic shipping delays are worse now than in 2020. We’re seeing much longer lead times for windows, garage doors, appliances, some flooring, glass and shingles. Although major building components are hard to source right now, HighCraft will find a way. We always do.”


You had a few tricky deliveries and installations last month (specifically, the sensory deprivation tank and the metal stairs). How did you make those happen?
“Teamwork, good communication, and the hard work of Lloyd Leflet and his entire team at Artistic Metal. We’ve been working with them for years.”


“Lloyd’s crew fabricated the metal stairs and helped us with the installation.”


Can you tell us more about the stairs? Why metal?
“Metal provides the modern look and feel that Mari and Kelly were after.”


“The metal stairs will be painted black with wood overlays on the treads.”


What’s up next for this project?
“We’re pushing to get the exterior done before the snow flies.”


“We’re just waiting on the Tesla roof. We have to install the Tesla roof before we can apply the stucco, so the stucco is on hold for now. But we made sure the house was dried in to protect it from possible winter weather.”

Stock photo courtesy Tesla

Note: Mari and Kelly ordered a solar roof by Tesla that has been delayed by the pandemic. The solar roof system consists of attractive and durable solar roof tiles (see example above) that will power the house with clean energy, and a home battery bank to store power.

“Inside, we just started to hang drywall, we’re working on concrete in the garage, and we’ll set cabinets and trim over the next month.”


Stay tuned to this monthly blog series as we follow the home’s transformation, hear more from the homeowners, and touch base with lead interior designer Jill Sanchez.

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