Bryan Soth and Dwight Sailer founded HighCraft Builders in 1998. Twenty-five years later, their shared commitment to quality is reflected in every project we touch.


Bryan and Dwight met in 1998, working shoulder-to-shoulder on a remodeling project for a local contractor. The job revealed both men’s unwavering commitment to exceptional craftsmanship, happy homeowners, and a job well done. The project also required a two-hour commute, which provided the perfect opportunity for the pair to talk about their shared dream of starting their own remodeling company one day.

Later that same year, Bryan and Dwight founded HighCraft Builders together.

Over the last twenty-five years, the team at HighCraft has experienced incredible growth, weathered challenging setbacks, and worked harder than we ever thought possible. But through it all, we have remained true to our core values and this guiding principle:

Deliver the highest quality workmanship, and a superior level of customer service, in an industry that typically neglects both.

When asked the secret to HighCraft’s longevity in the building industry, they say, “It’s simple. Our clients always come first.”