The son of an interior designer, Bryan was raised in a rural setting outside of Minneapolis. After graduating from high school, he traveled throughout Europe before attending Pomona College in California where he majored in philosophy.

Bryan eventually moved back to Minneapolis where he took a course in woodworking, a creative outlet he has enjoyed since a teenager. On the heels of the four-week class, Bryan purchased his first house, which was a real fixer-upper. As he remodeled his home, Bryan experienced the same sense of purpose and fulfillment he had felt during his woodworking course: the thrill and satisfaction of working with his hands to create something of lasting quality. Remodeling had become both meaningful and addictive to Bryan, and he ended up buying, and rehabbing, several more houses.

While in Minnesota, Bryan earned a master’s degree in Business Administration from the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul. An avid Colorado skier his entire life, he decided to pull up stakes in Minnesota and head west. Within one week of moving to Colorado, Bryan was introduced to Dwight Sailer on a remodeling job, where they soon developed a deep respect for one another. After forging a lasting friendship, the two men set out to build something bigger together. In 1998, Bryan and Dwight became business partners and founded HighCraft Builders.

Although Bryan retired from HighCraft in 2022, he will always be an important part of our company’s origin story. During his twenty-four years at HighCraft, Bryan built systems and processes that streamline our business today, and his contributions will be felt for years to come.

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