Co-Founder and Co-Owner


Like Dwight, Bryan was raised in a rural setting, one that would in later years be eclipsed by the suburbs of nearby Minneapolis. In fact, the property where Bryan grew up was eventually purchased by the musician Prince to incorporate into his urban “compound.”

The son of an interior designer, Bryan spent time traveling throughout Europe before attending Pomona College in California where he majored in philosophy. Bryan eventually moved back to Minneapolis where he took a course in woodworking, a creative outlet he had thoroughly enjoyed since he was a teenager. On the heels of the four-week class, Bryan purchased his first house (a real fixer-upper). As he remodeled his home, Bryan experienced the same sense of purpose he had felt in his woodworking course — the same thrill and satisfaction of working with his hands to create something of lasting quality. Remodeling had become both meaningful and addictive to Bryan, and he ended up buying, living in, and rehabbing several more houses.

While in Minnesota, Bryan earned a Master’s degree in Business Administration from the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul. But after traveling to Colorado to ski every year since second grade, he decided to pull up stakes in Minnesota and head west. Not long after his move to Colorado, Bryan’s realtor told him that a man was looking for help to build a house, so Bryan gave the guy a call.

That guy was Dwight Sailer, and Bryan and Dwight went on to build the entire house together. The job required an hour commute each way, which was the perfect opportunity to talk about starting a business partnership. Both men dreamed of building homes that people would love, and they co-founded HighCraft Builders in 1998.

Bryan has many strengths, but he excels at defining and refining HighCraft processes to streamline the remodeling and custom home building experience. With an MBA tucked in his tool belt, Bryan is adept at delivering no-surprise contracts, establishing superior customer service practices, and ensuring that HighCraft sets an example for the industry in business integrity. His behind-the-scenes leadership has allowed HighCraft Builders to grow without sacrificing quality, and he makes sure that every client has an exceptional experience.

Bryan’s favorite thing to hear from a client? “We’ve remodeled before and it’s always been a challenge. The people, and the way HighCraft Builders does things, just make the experience so much better.”

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