Owner and Founder


Dwight grew up surfing beaches off Monterey Bay, California, but he has the heart and soul of a cowboy.

Driven from a young age, he preferred to work during school vacations, and began tagging along to construction sites at the tender age of six. Those early days of learning the trade from kind-hearted pros sparked a love of building that would never go away.

One of Dwight’s first role models was his grandfather, a quadriplegic who worked as a builder before polio confined him to a wheelchair. He taught Dwight to look for the blessings in life and to be resourceful with what he had. Another childhood mentor taught him that quality is something people can see and feel when they walk into a home.

By the time Dwight signed up for a woodworking class in junior high, he knew he had discovered his calling.

In 1989, when the devastating Loma Prieta earthquake hit near his hometown south of San Francisco, Dwight had a chance to test that calling. He used his connections to organize teams of laborers to repair buildings – many with badly damaged foundations. Still in high school, Dwight would cut class, or race to the jobsite during his lunch break, to supervise his teams. The experience gave him an education in foundation/structural building and repair, and reinforced the importance of creating meaningful relationships with employees and clients. The following spring, Dwight graduated from high school on a Saturday and started an apprenticeship in custom building the following Monday.

In 1996, Dwight moved to Northern Colorado to frame and side a house for a local contractor. It was in Colorado where he met Dana, the love of his life. In 1998, just a few short months after marrying Dana, Dwight met Bryan Soth on a remodeling project in Red Feather Lakes. The two men instantly clicked, and later that same year they founded HighCraft Builders.

“That was an amazing year in my life,” Dwight says. “I married my partner in love, and found my partner in business, in 1998.”

One of Dwight’s biggest strengths is his dedication to keeping up with an industry that is always changing. His people-pleasing, problem-solving nature sets the tone of HighCraft’s culture and daily operations, and he never takes his job lightly. Those who know him will tell you Dwight has a huge heart – everything he does is in service to others. High-quality, beautiful construction is always the expectation, and client satisfaction is priority number one.

Dwight’s favorite thing to hear from a client? “Thank you. You have a fantastic team!”

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