Warm up to Cozy Ideas for Your Bathroom

Oh, the weather outside is frightful, but the bathroom is sooooo delightful. That’s right, we said bathroom. There might be more than a few folks out there who find it hard to describe the lavatory as a warm and cozy place to hang out. Who can blame them? With the abundance of tile, metal and […]

A Look at Kitchen Appliance Trends

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and our favorite cooks are busy getting ready for the feast. We always appreciate the time, energy and talent that goes into the prep and cleanup of home-cooked meals. Thanksgiving dinner just kicks that appreciation up a notch, and it makes us think about ways to make cooks happier […]

Join Us for Our Free Seminar: Architectural Transformations

Have any plans for Thursday evening? Stop by our design studio and check out our free seminar, Architectural Transformations! Under the paint, drywall and foundation of every home is the design work of a brilliant mind. Architectural Transformations, a free seminar presented by 18-year design veteran David Hueter of David Hueter Home Design, explores the […]

Russ Barrett Joins the HighCraft Team

Whether it’s baseball, football, basketball, or home remodeling, every team needs a utility player that can be “Johnny on the Spot” no matter the situation. That’s Russ Barret in a nutshell. As our Warranty Manager, Russ will be helping past clients to maintain their homes one day and will be helping our Project Managers on […]

HighCraft Ranks as a Top 500 Remodeling Company in 2011

Who doesn’t like seeing their name in print now and again? Published in August, HighCraft Builders earned a spot in Qualified Remodeler magazine’s 2011 Top 500 Remodelers List. This marks the eighth time HighCraft has ranked in this annual poll since we remodeled our first client’s home 12 years ago. Considering that we have one of […]

HighCraft Featured on the Front Page of Remodeling Magazine’s Website

It’s Who You Know. Blast mailings alone won’t cut it. Today’s marketing needs to be personal. By: Lauren Hunter Five years ago, Highcraft Builders spent 5% of its time on marketing. With a new focus on hosting events, now it’s more like 50%. For eight years, Myers Constructs’ website sat stagnant. Two years ago it […]

Home Improvement Show

Is your house ready for a change but you don’t know what to do? Come visit us at the Home Improvement Show this weekend January 22-24, 2010 and we can give you some ideas about remodeling or home projects. Don’t forget to save money on your energy bills by entering into a drawing for a […]