HighCraft Featured on the Front Page of Remodeling Magazine’s Website

It’s Who You Know.

Blast mailings alone won’t cut it. Today’s marketing needs to be personal.

By: Lauren Hunter

Five years ago, Highcraft Builders spent 5% of its time on marketing. With a new focus on hosting events, now it’s more like 50%.

For eight years, Myers Constructs’ website sat stagnant. Two years ago it was revived with Web marketing and social media.

Atlanta-based Distinctive Remodeling Solutions has participated in an area tour of homes for four years, and knows that sticking with a marketing plan maximizes results.

All three companies have considerably boosted their time and money spent on marketing, but it’s hardly out of desperation to get business during the downturn. Instead, personal relationship marketing has helped these companies survive — even thrive — as their competitors have faltered. Business success is built more on known-to-known marketing, they say, and relies little on amassing unqualified leads.

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