Russ Barrett Joins the HighCraft Team

Whether it’s baseball, football, basketball, or home remodeling, every team needs a utility player that can be “Johnny on the Spot” no matter the situation. That’s Russ Barret in a nutshell.

As our Warranty Manager, Russ will be helping past clients to maintain their homes one day and will be helping our Project Managers on major home remodeling projects the next day. With everything that Russ tackles in a day at HighCraft, you’d think he needs eight arms and two brains. But, his level-headed approach and years of experience in the remodeling business keep him chugging along as our resident Jack of All Trades.

Russ’ arrival caps off a recent HighCraft roster expansion that started with D Walker’s arrival earlier this month. While we’re talking about the team, check out the full roster on our Crew page. HighCraft really prides itself in hiring not only consummate professionals, but people of integrity and character.