Dutch Ridge Ranch Guest House

Tim and Lesha were ready to trade the congestion and fast pace of Denver for a quiet and rural lifestyle. So they bought a foothills property northwest of Fort Collins where they could recharge on the weekends and live full-time once they retired. After buying the raw land, the couple spent most of their free time clearing rocks from the fields, planting and hand-watering lavender flowers, and tending their bee hives. But living in a camper every weekend quickly grew old for the couple, and they called HighCraft Builders.

In Phase I of the three-phase project, HighCraft designed and built the 800-s.f. guest cabin. “We used the heck out of the cabin,” Lesha said of the early days, before the livestock barn and 4,189-s.f. custom home were built in Phase II and Phase III. Now that Tim and Lesha have permanently moved from Denver into their finished farmhouse, the well-loved guest house is ready for visitors.

Learn more about the guest house in “Living the Dream on Dutch Ridge Ranch: Part 1” and “HighCraft Builds Custom Homes, Large and Small.”

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