Rich and Claire K.

We experienced a water leak in piping behind drywall. I was not comfortable removing cabinetry myself … to search for the leak. I approached HighCraft for help, based on our […]

Bob and Sandy C.

We have used HighCraft for two remodeling projects. Extremely satisfied with the quality of work, the craftsmanship. It was a pleasure to work with all of the HighCraft staff and the […]

Linda M. and Chip C.

This is the 4th project we have used HCB. Whenever we see an HCB truck in town, or a sign in front of a home, we know they are doing […]

Tom and Marsha M.

Absolutely beautiful! HighCraft remodeled [our] very dark and out of date kitchen into one that encompasses lots of light and beauty. From the very first day when we said “we […]

Kristi R.

From the very beginning, we knew that we could trust HighCraft Builders with our addition. I underestimated how much work and planning went into the job before it even started, […]

Ginger A.

Everyone on the team was phenomenal in so many different ways! The work was done in shorter time than originally scheduled, and the resulting product is so seamless that if […]

Wendy D.

We had an exceptional experience working with HighCraft. Throughout the process I shared with friends/family/colleagues that it felt like we were working with the “Nordstrom” of home builders. The service […]

Carrie and Aaron

Through each phase of the process, HighCraft put the right resources on our project and brought professionalism to the job. Each part of our project had an expert to guide […]

Barb and Sandy

Whenever we have a project in mind, we just call HighCraft. No need to search – if they don’t do it, they will find the people who do. The name […]

Priscilla V. and Lee R.

Thank you all for such a remarkable experience, for all the education, for teaching us about our house, for great humor and encouragement. One of the grandest experiences of my […]