Erin and Evin F.

The people at HighCraft went above expectations. So the heart, values and character that the company has and displays through its folks is what we loved and are so thankful […]

Patty and Jeff C.

I liked the friendly professional service. It’s just a nice feeling to work with people who aren’t grumpy and difficult! I also liked knowing upfront what to expect in terms […]

Jennifer and Jay W.

The biggest thing for us was the guaranteed finish date. HighCraft puts thought into the schedule and once they set it, they’re committed to hitting it.

Matt and Sara S.

Communication was excellent throughout. The team delivered high quality work within the contract timeline. The team was flexible about meeting times. We would be pleased to bring HighCraft back to […]

Scott and Denise C.

Someone is always available when you have a question or concern. HighCraft always puts the customer fist, which is something you do not see too often these days. The warranty […]

Bob and Rosemary L.

The level of organization in planning and project tasks was impressive. Everyone involved was very detail-oriented, amicable, and trustworthy.

Ginger A.

HighCraft was flexible when needed due to the pandemic. Once we were able to start, the job was completed way ahead of schedule.

Lance A. and Kimberlee L.

Our subcontractors were always respectful and kind. We would always hear from the subcontractors that HighCraft was the best to work for! I know we left a lot of major […]

Angie and Tracy M.

HighCraft does a great job picking subcontractors. The subcontractors all were very professional and took great care in their portion of the work. Very trustworthy also. I had no reservations […]

Tom and Debbie C.

Every person tied with HighCraft was very professional and eager to please. We will highly recommend them.