Master Bath Remodel: Part 2

In Part 1 of this blog series, we introduced you to the homeowner, Barb, and her wish list for this master bathroom remodel.

Today, in Part 2, we’re posting the latest progress photos. We’re also sharing a Q&A session with Barb where we asked her about remodeling in stages over the years, living at home during this remodel, and what it’s like to renovate her home during a pandemic.


Here’s a peek at some of the finishes Barb selected for her bathroom remodel. The countertop, shower shelving and window ledge will be made from Cambria quartz in Summerhill (seen middle left). Barb chose rustic hickory with a deep onyx stain for the vanity (upper left).


For the shower pan, Barb selected classic ¾-inch penny rounds by Cepac Tile in Titanium.


The old window has been replaced, and the cement board has been installed (left), in preparation for the tile installation. You can see the heavy-duty wedges in the spacing clips that help to hold the 24-inch x 48-inch tiles as they set (middle). Not only does the penny tile look great in the shower pan (right), it also exposes more grout per square inch so the surface is less slippery.


The vanity went in last week and the gorgeous quartz countertop was installed yesterday. Next up – installation of the commode, plumbing fixtures, glass shower doors and trim.



Q: Why did you decide to remodel in phases over time versus all at once?

“Money,” Barb says. “Over the years, most of our projects have been cosmetic. So our strategy has always been: when we have the money, we’ll do the next project on the list. That’s the nice thing about working with the same company for ten years,” she says. “They know the house. It’s like family coming in.”

Check out “The Cost of Remodeling Everything at Once vs. in Phases Over Time” to see which remodeling strategy is right for you.

Q: You are living at home during this master bathroom remodel. What steps are you and HighCraft taking to safely work on your project, especially during the pandemic?

“I moved out of the master bedroom completely. I’m sleeping in the guest bedroom and using the guest bath,” Barb explains. “The subcontractors are accessing the master bedroom and bathroom through the outdoor deck. So even in this time of face masks and social distancing, no one is coming through the house. The master bedroom door stays closed.

HighCraft also draped drop cloths over the bed and they are very good about protecting the floors in the master bedroom. They clean the work area every night. It’s all very well taken care of.”

She adds, “I was glad we had done all the planning and selections before the outbreak and the stay-at-home order. HighCraft was closed for a month, which was smart, and I firmly believe they did the right thing.”

Barb is well into retirement, so she’s more at risk to potential coronavirus exposure and she appreciates everything HighCraft is doing to keep her safe. “During a pandemic, HighCraft is being HighCraft,” she says, explaining that she expects nothing short of excellence from her go-to remodeling company. “HighCraft cares about the clients. They care about their staff. They care about everything. When we need to discuss something, we either have meetings by phone or at a distance. They wear masks to face-to-face meetings and socially distance. I feel perfectly safe.”

Although it was written well before the COVID-19 pandemic, “How to Keep Your Family and Pets Safe During a Remodel” provides some great safety tips for your next home improvement project.


The next post in this series will feature the before-and-after photo gallery of the finished master bathroom remodel. Stay tuned!

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