Kira Koldeway Celebrates 15 Years with HighCraft


Kira Koldeway is celebrating fifteen years of service at HighCraft Builders, and our team couldn’t let this major milestone go by unnoticed.

As the General Manager of Design and Business Development, Kira oversees all interior design, marketing, and business development for HighCraft. She also guides company culture and all community giving and outreach.

“We’re so fortunate to have her at HighCraft, and in our lives,” says HighCraft owner Dwight Sailer. “She’s kindhearted and empathetic, but make no mistake – she’s a powerful leader behind the scenes.”

After Kira was hired by HighCraft in 2008, she went on to establish the company’s interior design department, and to lead all marketing efforts for the design-build company. Today, Kira is one of three members of the leadership team at HighCraft Builders.

“Kira keeps the entire company organized, and has this uncanny ability to help people problem-solve anything,” says Scott Fetters, General Manager of Architecture and Operations, and Kira’s counterpart on the leadership team. “Her caring nature and can-do attitude are contagious, and we’re incredibly grateful to have her as a leader and colleague at HighCraft.”

“Kira’s superpower is her attention to detail,” says HighCraft Business Development Manager Zach Larrick. “She’s also a tireless champion of HighCraft’s brand, is very forward thinking, and knows what can take our team to the next level.”

“Kira is also one of the most genuine human beings I know,” Zach adds. “She has an unwavering ability to listen and truly hear what a client or employee has to say, and she can put herself in anyone’s shoes. This allows Kira to find common ground, which is such a gift to our team, and the mark of a good leader.”

HighCraft Design Studio with interior design team
Kira (second from left) with interior designers in the HighCraft Design Studio.

“Kira is my inspiration, and she’s the reason I am where I am today at HighCraft,” says Design Manager and Lead Interior Designer Jill Sanchez, who has been with the company for nearly nine years. “Kira built the department I now manage, and she put the ‘design’ in our design-build company. Her empathy, strong work ethic, attention to detail, and creativity are more than just encouraging and uplifting, they are key to HighCraft’s success.”

When asked about the secret to her longevity at HighCraft Builders, Kira says, “My commitment to HighCraft is due to the wonderful people I get to work with every day. I’m constantly challenged to learn and grow in my role, and I have our team to thank for that.”

“The last fifteen years have flown by because of my love for the work we do, for our clients, and above all, for my teammates,” Kira adds. “HighCraft is family, and I’m grateful to call it home.”

The HighCraft team is so proud of Kira and eternally thankful for her thoughtful leadership. Congratulations on fifteen wonderful years, Kira. We appreciate you!

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