Top Interior Design Trends for 2024


Which interior design trends are in store for 2024? “Generally speaking, all things warm and cozy with a lived-in look are in,” says Kira Koldeway, HighCraft General Manager of Design and Business Development. “Texture and imperfection are the name of the game this year.”


In today’s post, Kira and the HighCraft Interior Design Team – including Jill Sanchez, Danette Handyside and Kelly Allen – share their top six design predictions for 2024, as well as thoughts about Pantone’s color of the year.


1. Imperfect Tiles

A few years ago, we predicted the hint of a trend involving ceramic tiles with handmade appeal. Today, the trend is finally taking off in Northern Colorado for 2024.


Designers and clients are moving away from perfectly refined and sharply rectified edges. Instead, they’re leaning toward a handcrafted look, like the porcelain tile (above) made to resemble reclaimed bricks.


Using intentionally imperfect (yet durable) tiles helps to create cozy spaces with a more lived-in feel and homey quality.

See how the porcelain brick tile (above) was used in a bathroom and mudroom in “1960s Ranch Remodel, part 7: FINAL REVEAL.”


“I really like the handmade ‘imperfect’ tile looks we are seeing more frequently,” Danette says. “We’re also receiving a lot more direct requests from clients to incorporate that type of look.”


“I love the softness and authenticity it can add to a space,” she adds. “Typically, this type of tile is ceramic and can only be used in mostly dry locations. But many manufacturers are coming up with ways to produce this look and feel with porcelain, so we are now seeing the tile go beyond backsplashes and into showers and wet areas.”

Inspiration photo by SB Long Interiors

Kelly says, “Of the handmade tiles, I would say my favorite trend is Spanish-style terracotta tiles. I have been wanting to use them in multiple projects and I was so excited to see that one of Jill’s current clients selected them for their 2024 custom home build.”

Photo by SB Long Interiors

“While this tile trend began to take shape a few years back with simpler shapes and more neutral tones,” Kelly adds, “I really feel that more Spanish-style tiles will find their place in 2024 design.”

Photo by Virginia Tile

“These fun shapes and earthy clay tones can be installed as flooring options for entire rooms like bathrooms or living rooms. They will bring a beautiful bold statement while staying more timeless.”

This HighCraft kitchen remodel includes a hidden pantry to the left of the windows.

2. Hidden Doors

“The hidden door trend is also fun and a favorite of mine,” says Danette.

See the entire whole-house remodel, including the kitchen with hidden pantry shown above, in the gallery “Second Story Pop Top.”

Photo by Hoedemaker Pfeiffer design studio

“It’s cool to see a custom kitchen with beautiful cabinetry and to have a secret door that leads to a bar or into a full walk-in pantry,” she says. “It’s also very functional.”

blue-hutch-hidden-door-to-basement-closed blue-hutch-hidden-door-to-basement-open


“HighCraft has done several projects with hidden doors,” Danette adds, pointing to a basement door made to look like a built-in hutch (above) as an example.


3. Warm Wood Comeback

“While white painted cabinets will always be a staple in many kitchen and bath designs, we are seeing a stronger comeback of warm, stained wood finishes,” Kira says.


“Clients are opting for tried-and-true options like alder and walnut in both clear woodgrains and more rustic, knotty woodgrains. For the last few years, textured white oak cabinets were all the rage. We are seeing this trend taper off a bit as people are looking to warm up their design aesthetic and blend the tones of the wood floor with the tones of their cabinetry.”


Kelly agrees with Kira, especially about the move back to alder and walnut. “These wood species have more movement and inconsistency in their grains, which gives them more of an old world and classic look. The natural warmth of these wood species also allows them to be paired with lighter floors, countertops, and even painted cabinetry.”

Explore more photos of the kitchen above in “French Country Inspired Remodel.”

modern rustic basement bath bedroom homework desk space

4. Bold Wallpaper

“I think people are getting a little bored with clean, simple designs and are wanting to see some more patterns and textures on walls,” says Jill.


“We’re continuing to see wallpaper in the small areas where a pop of color or bold prints can hold up and stand their ground, like in powder baths and kid’s rooms.”


“But we’re also seeing wallpaper being installed in more functional spaces like main bathrooms and laundry rooms. Bold prints make spaces that are generally working areas more enjoyable to spend time in.”

To view galleries of HighCraft projects that use bold wallpaper, check out “Contemporary Pool House with Indoor-Outdoor Living,” “5 Clever Bathroom Ideas Under Stairs and Roof Gables” and “Bold and Beautiful Basement Finish.”

Photo by Perini Tiles

5. Fluted Patterns

“We’re seeing the rounded shapes and curves of fluted patterns through tiles right now,” Jill says. “Manufacturers are blending classic stone tiles (marble, travertine, etc.) with a contemporary fluted shape, which creates a unique, yet familiar and comfortable, rhythm.”


“Fluted patterns are also being found in fabrics and textiles, like furniture upholstery and pillows,” she adds. “Clients are also gravitating to softer countertop edge details, trending toward bullnose and half-bullnose.”


“All of these shapes play into the curve and arch trends that we’ve seen over the past few years. I think, like the wallpaper, we’ll be seeing fluted tiles and textures as accent walls in showers and bathrooms in 2024.”

Photo by Aspire Ceramics

“I agree with Jill,” Kira says of the fluted tile trend. “All of the latest and greatest designs being shared by our manufacturing reps include fluted tiles. These tiles offer designers a variety of install options because of their versatility. They work well in more modern designs where sharp and linear elements prevail, but also fit in seamlessly in more earthy, organic designs, too.”

Tour a master bathroom with modified fluted tiles in “French Country Inspired Remodel.”

Photo by The Verge

6. Home Automation Advances

“We’re seeing more and more smart home technologies incorporated into design plans,” Jill says, pointing to automated HVAC, lighting, appliances, window treatments, plumbing fixtures and audio controls as good examples.

Photo by Lutron

Although smart home technology has been a steady trend for multiple years, Jill admits it’s her favorite for 2024. “I’ve been really intrigued by the growing trend of technology, function, and design coming together. I love that we’re seeing more and more ways that products and materials are being redesigned to make everyday life easier.”


While they can’t be classified as home automation per se, workstation sinks are growing in popularity as they make the tasks of meal prep and clean up more and more efficient. “They’re typically wider sinks that include interchangeable accessories such as cutting boards, colanders, trays and baskets – all to make prep work a cinch at the sink,” Jill says. “And brands like Delta and Kohler have automated no-touch faucets, and spray technologies that automatically reduce water splatter when rinsing.”


“We’re seeing a growing number of clients adopt home automation,” she adds. “Using a phone app, homeowners can remotely close window blinds while on vacation, look inside the refrigerator while they’re at the grocery store, or preheat the oven on their way home from work.”

Learn about the many benefits of home automation in this HighCraft custom home project in Loveland.

Courtesy Pantone Color Institute

2024 Color of the Year

Pantone Color Institute, the international authority on color trends, announced Peach Fuzz as their 2024 color of the year.

Leatrice Eiseman, Pantone’s Executive Director, says, “In seeking a hue that echoes our innate yearning for closeness and connection, we chose a color radiant with warmth and modern elegance. A shade that resonates with compassion, offers a tactile embrace, and effortlessly bridges the youthful with the timeless.”

As in past years, Pantone’s color selection has been met with mixed reviews.


“I am not a huge fan of Peach Fuzz,” Danette says, not mincing words. “Pastel colors are pretty trendy in my opinion and I don’t think they provide a lasting, timeless feel, which I always seem to gravitate toward. Last year, Pantone’s color of the year was Viva Magenta. I felt like this was a bold and fun choice, but I expected to see it more in fashion and maybe with home furnishings versus paint colors and architectural materials. My thoughts are the same with this year’s color choice!”

Peach Fuzz wouldn’t be my choice as color of the year, compared to years past,” Jill says, “but it doesn’t surprise me that it’s in the mix. Peach Fuzz seems to mirror the growing trends of terracotta color schemes, bringing more warmth and softness to design in 2024.”

Peach Fuzz is a fun play on the current blush trends that we are seeing in tile and some wallpaper,” Kelly adds, “but I do feel it is just that … a trend, and not something that necessarily has a timeless quality. I am, however, loving the colors of the year announced by several paint manufacturers – including Cracked Pepper from Behr, and the blue tones from Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore, and Valspar as well. The latter three give a more playful take on blue in comparison to the dark navy tones that we have seen in recent years.”


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