The Art of the Basement Remodel

Designing a home’s interior around one item of inspiration is a good way to capture the owner’s individual style. Our team has created entire design plans based on a colorful tile pattern, an heirloom piece of furniture, or a favorite accent fabric. This technique makes the design personal to the homeowner, and one of a kind.


In the case of this basement remodel in Old Town Fort Collins, the driving force behind the bold design was a single piece of modern art.


A reproduction of Piet Mondrian’s Composition C (No. III) with Red, Yellow and Blue (above), hangs in the stair landing.


Mondrian’s iconic asymmetrical style, dominant in his work throughout the 1920s and 1930s, used crisp lines and simple blocks of primary colors. Similar abstract concepts unfold as you walk down the stairs …


… and into the basement below. Even the rod pendant light shades are in signal red, honey yellow and cobalt blue.


To the right, is the the library and music room.


Three walls of white shelves will be filled with the homeowner’s extensive collection of books.


Pillows serve as temporary placeholders, effectively soundproofing the room until books arrive to fill the shelves.


Custom yellow shelves hold an extensive music catalogue near the chaise lounge.


The homeowner can kick back in the oversized chair to read or listen to music.

Down the hall, the bathroom picks up the modern Mondrian motif.

Yellow tiles and towels pop against the white countertop, and jet-black ceiling, faucet and high-gloss vanity.

These Luna Sahara tiles by Soho Studios in White Noir, add a unique abstract element to the bathroom design.

Electric guitars hang along the yellow wall that connects the library (above) …

… to the rec room, where colorful guitars line two of its walls.

The homeowner can plug into the yellow amp, and play an electric guitar from his vast collection. When not in use, the instruments add to the modern design of the space.

The stripe of darker charcoal stain in the brushed oak flooring is intentional, reflecting the crisp, dark lines used in Mondrian’s modern art.


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