HighCraft Celebrates 25 Years in Business


Our team recently gathered with friends, family and trades to celebrate a major milestone: HighCraft Builders’ 25th year in business!

Heidi and Steff get ready for guests to arrive

Over the last twenty-five years, the team at HighCraft has experienced incredible growth, weathered challenging setbacks, and worked harder than we ever thought possible. But through it all, we have remained true to our core values and this guiding principle: Deliver the highest quality workmanship, and a superior level of customer service, in an industry that typically neglects both.

When asked the secret to HighCraft’s longevity in the building industry, Dwight Sailer, who founded HighCraft with Bryan Soth in 1998, says, “The key is building meaningful relationships with employees and clients, and delivering quality craftsmanship and exceptional customer service for every project”.

Dwight and Dana Sailer

Dwight has been building and remodeling homes for more than thirty years, and holds one of the oldest contractor licenses in Larimer County. “That first remodeling project seems like yesterday,” he reminisces. “But these gray hairs,” he says, pointing to the top of his head, “and the date on that license remind me we’ve been at it longer than most.”

Kira Koldeway, General Manager of Design and Business Development and a nearly sixteen-year veteran of the HighCraft crew, is quick to point out that it takes a team.

“HighCraft’s reputation and success is deeply connected to our hardworking and talented team, including employees, subcontractors and trusted suppliers,” she says.  “A lot of people have helped us become who we are over the years, and we are grateful to each and every one of them.”

After the housing bubble collapse in 2008, Dwight was asked about the future of the remodeling industry for an article in Professional Remodeler magazine. He replied, “The best advice I have ever received came from my father. He always said to ‘Stay focused. Don’t get caught up in quick money or new job markets that seem hot at the time. Continual focused effort will always outlast the quick trends.’”

“That advice still holds true today,” Dwight says. “When we say we take care of clients for a lifetime, we mean it,” he adds. “That means we have to be a company that is around for generations to come. The only way we will be able to achieve that is to stay focused; stay the course.”

(L to R) HighCraft’s Scott Fetters, Jill Sanchez, Kira Koldeway, Dana Sailer, Dwight Sailer and Zach Larrick

“I couldn’t agree more,” says Scott Fetters, General Manager of Architecture and Operations, who has been with the company for twenty-four years. “HighCraft has stood the test of time because we are laser focused on taking care of our clients, delivering the highest quality workmanship in Northern Colorado, and following through on our promises.”

“We have been blessed to raise our families and serve Northern Colorado for a quarter of a century,” adds Dwight. “What an unbelievable honor.”

At the anniversary celebration Dwight raised a glass to the large group of people who made it all happen. “Cheers to another twenty-five years,” he toasted to the room. “This is just the beginning.”

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