Treat Yourself to a Tricked-out Garage

It’s finally starting to feel like fall in Northern Colorado. Nights are colder, animals are getting ready for winter and many people are spending more time indoors.

As we head inside, some of us are eager to squirrel away gardening tools and patio furniture for the season. Others dream about retreating into a man-cave where the kegerator is always full and the basket of hot wings is never empty. Creating a “tricked out” dream garage is a great way to answer nature’s call to come in from the cold, store things away and retreat to our den.

We may act like hibernating bears, but what separates us from wild animals is our opposable thumb and obsession to keep holiday ornaments and drill bit sets intact. Every dream garage should have plenty of space where everything has its place and the potential is only limited by your budget and imagination. Consider a few custom and do-it-yourself suggestions for a tricked out garage:  Click here to read our full column in the Coloradoan.