The Only Thing Constant is Change

HighCraft Builders owners Dwight Sailer Bryan Soth

We’ve been in the local remodeling business for nearly 20 years, and the only constant in our line of work is change. Every project and client is different. Techniques and tools improve. Nothing is static. Change, you could say, fuels our business.

People remodel homes to repair or replace old materials or adapt to ever-changing life events. Babies are born. Kids go off to college. New technologies, design trends and green solutions emerge. Jobs and relationships change. Elderly parents may move in. Lifestyles are dynamic and living-space needs evolve over time. As professional building contractors, it feels good to help our neighbors update their homes to serve them in better ways. And we recognize that at some point down the road, our remodels will be remodeled. It’s the way of the world.

Building Solutions final column coloradoan about changeThe Coloradoan is in effect remodeling its Your Home lifestyle section to better serve you, the reader. So, when we were told that this would be our last Building Solutions column, it made sense. The format is evolving as all things do.

Now don’t get us wrong, this particular change is bittersweet for sure. The Building Solutions column existed because of readers like you, and we’re going to miss you. Our first column, about how to protect yourself from fly-by-night contractors, ran on October 31, 2009. That was nearly seven years, 80 columns and a Great Recession ago. We’ve covered a lot of ground together since then.

The sweet part of change is it reminds us to pause, reflect and express gratitude for such an incredible opportunity. We want to thank The Coloradoan for giving us a monthly forum to share lessons learned with local homeowners. It’s been a wonderful partnership and a great run. And to our readers, thank you for sharing a cup of coffee and your Saturday mornings with us. What a privilege. We’ll miss your emails. We’ll miss talking about the column when we bump into you at the grocery store.

You can email or visit us at our office on the corner of Howes and Mulberry. We will continue to meet with homeowners and work with municipal planners to better understand building, neighborhood and zoning issues that affect Northern Colorado. Watch for new blogs, remodeling tips and local project case studies on HighCraft’s Facebook page or at

If you’re thinking about tackling a home improvement project this year, we encourage you to check out the NOCO HBA Home and Remodeling Show, February 26-28 at The Ranch in Loveland. The show is free to the public and offers a no-risk way to explore home improvement ideas, hear expert advice, and meet face to face with trusted, vetted local professionals who are accredited members of the Home Builders Association of Northern Colorado, Colorado Association of Home Builders and the National Association of Home Builders.

Thanks again for so many wonderful years in Your Home. And for all the fans of print out there, we’ll see you in the funny papers.

This content originally appeared in Dwight’s and Bryan’s February 2016 Building Solutions column “In remodeling, change is here to stay” in the Fort Collins Coloradoan.