Glory and Mike

On time, on budget, and spectacular to work with! These are not usually words associated with a remodeling project, but they are exactly the words we would use to describe our experience with HighCraft Builders as the all-time number 1 group of professionals. Their advertisements says that “You can count on us to deliver the greatest return on your addition investment – in terms of professionalism, overall cost and the value of complete satisfaction.” We can verify that every word is true!

Our original choice of contractor had quoted us a nine month completion date. From the day we met with [HighCraft] to go over our project, we were excited with their in-depth presentation and delighted with the depth and detail that went into the financial portion of the project. We continued to be impressed with the same attention to detail throughout the construction phase of the project. We were even more thrilled to know that they felt they could complete the project within 5 months.

During other projects, we were plagued by sub-contractors who did not keep their commitments and caused problems for the entire schedule. HighCraft gave us an updated schedule each week, and with few exceptions, everyone showed up when they were supposed to, returned when we needed them and performed in an admirable and professional manner … Both my husband and I would recommend them as highly as possible to anyone who wants exceptional quality workmanship and outstanding project management. They also say that trust is the most important thing they build, and from our experience they won’t let you down. If our satisfaction is their measure of success, they should be thrilled with their track record! We would also welcome any prospective clients to view the quality of their work by visiting our project. We couldn’t be happier!