Evin and Erin

When selecting a builder, we wanted someone to value and respect the property due to it being close to our hearts. We wanted to know our home would be built right and solid for the next generations. We chose quality and attention to detail. Zach was absolutely great to work with. He was excellent at communication being clear and concise in our many meetings. Jeff was incredible as well. He did an excellent job listening to how we want to live and helped shape a layout that best fit us. It was always easy to work with him as well, we enjoyed his calming demeanor and creative brain! Jill was wonderful. She was always so attentive to our overall objective by picking through our grumbled ideas and would produce selections and choices that we could pick through without overwhelming. We felt very comfortable talking with her about selections throughout the whole process knowing she would provide genuine and honest feedback. Russ was great as well! He went the extra mile for us and our future in the home. I was very comfortable leaving the farm in his hands. He did a great job at keeping Erin and I in the loop and up to speed with the current work as well as the projected work. It was always easy to talk to him openly and honestly. He quickly showed us he is a person we could trust. The people at HighCraft went above our expectations. The heart, values and character that the company has and displays through its folks is what we loved and are so thankful for.