Chris and Patty

We are writing to express our sincere appreciation for the excellent job HighCraft Builders did on our basement finish. Your timeliness, professionalism, friendliness, and management impressed us from the very beginning.

Looking back to the starting point, we enjoyed working with Bryan Soth. He put together a detailed, organized, and thorough proposal. He then took the time to fully review the proposal with us and to answer our questions. Even though our work request was simple and small compared to that of other HighCraft customers, we felt Bryan treated us with promptness and priority … In addition, HighCraft Builders did many little things which made a big difference. For instance, they entered through the basement window whenever possible to minimize our disturbance. They also knocked on the basement door always before entering the main level. They even brought in our morning newspaper on several occasions! We truly got the sense that HighCraft wasn’t just doing the job but really caring about the job, and that makes all the difference!

Please keep us in mind for future recommendations. We would love the opportunity to tell other potential customers about HighCraft Builders. Thank you, again, for everything!