Mid-Century Mountain Home: Part 5


Graham and Julie’s custom home build is right on schedule. Today’s post features the latest photos and a Q&A with HighCraft lead interior designer Jill Sanchez.

For more background about the project, check out Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4 of this blog series.


Lead Interior Designer
Jill Sanchez

What are some of your favorite things about this project?
“I really love how the home is positioned on the land.”


“The views are incredible all around!”


“I think the exterior finishes are beautiful the way they blend into the landscape.”


“I also think the layout of the home, and locations of all the rooms, was well thought out and has a great flow. I love the interior finishes and how we blended some mid-century cozy feels with some pretty modern finishes throughout with colors, materials and textures.”


Do you have any favorite finish selections, and where were they used?
“The kitchen has a lot of my favorite design finishes – from the floor tile, cabinets and countertops, to the tongue and groove ceiling.”


“It’s just a gorgeous mix of warm earth tones balanced with cooler grays.”


“The tile backsplash behind the range has a faux iron oxide finish.”


“And the island will have a live-edge walnut extension off the end of the quartz countertop.”


“I’m also really excited about the glass panels we’re going to install for the stair railing and half wall between the foyer and great room. We’re having the topographical map of Graham and Julie’s property, and the footprint of their house as it sits on the map, etched into the glass. It will be an awesome conversation piece as guests enter their home.”


“The double-sided fireplace will make a grand statement between the dining and great rooms, but it doesn’t feel overly heavy.”

Note: The fireplace is in progress. Under the mantel, the fireplace will have a custom metal surround in a rust oxide finish.


“The fireplace has a commanding presence without being over the top.”


You mentioned mid-century modern design. Can you give some examples of that influence in this project?
“The overall architectural style of the home, with its low slanting rooflines and cantilever deck, was inspired by mid-century modern design.”


“The interior gray slate-looking tile flooring throughout the kitchen and dining room, and the tongue and groove ceilings, are nods to mid-century modern.”


“All of the cabinets will have slab-front walnut doors for a mid-century feel, mixed with some glossy gray cabinets for a modern look.”


“The plumbing and lighting fixtures will have very clean, contemporary lines – as well as the floating entry stairs with glass railing panels, upper clerestory windows, and the exposed ceiling beams throughout.”


“Some of the bathroom tiles have a very mid-century modern vibe, using classic shades of orange from that time period.”


“And true to mid-century modern design, we paired the bold colors with some neutrals and earth tones for balance. In the master shower, we paired the vibrant orange with a more natural looking gray stone tile.”


“In the powder bath, we balanced the orange starburst tiles with a neutral gray countertop.”


“And in the guest bathroom, we paired the brick-red Japanese Yuki tile …


… with a neutral countertop, gray flooring and gray shower tiles.”

In Part 2 of this blog series, Graham told us he spent twenty years compiling a wish list of must-have items to include in their new house build. How did his wish list influence the selections process?
“Graham shared his wish list upfront, and it helped in a lot of ways – most importantly, it got conversations started, and it showed us Graham and Julie’s vision for their home.”


“As we talked through all of the details for every room, Graham’s wish list helped us narrow down selections more quickly, including the style and stain for the murphy bed going into the upstairs multi-purpose space that will serve as an office, media room and fourth bedroom.”

Anything else you want to add?
“It’s great that Graham and Julie are so open to feedback from the HighCraft team, as well as our recommendations for the best way (from product to install) to accomplish their goals. It’s been an amazing collaboration.”


“Because the home draws so much from mid-century modern design, it’s been such a fun and refreshing project to work on. Graham and Julie’s home is going to be just stunning!”


Stay tuned to this blog series as we complete all the finishing touches.

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