Master Bathroom Remodel: Will Removing Jetted Tub Hurt Resale?

We’ve written about this before, but it’s a hot topic that keeps coming up, and we thought it deserved an updated response.

More and more people tell us they dream of creating a bigger custom shower in their master bathroom, but they hesitate to remove the unwanted jetted tub. It doesn’t matter that the tub is often a giant dust-catcher; gut instinct tells homeowners that removing it during a master bathroom remodel – downgrading a 5-piece bathroom to a 4-piece – is a form of self-destruction when it comes to resale.

Not so, says realtor Dave Trujillo with The Group at Centerra. We first talked to Dave about this trend to replace the soaker tub with a big shower, and its potential influence on resale value, back in 2010.

In 2017, he still claims, “As long as you have another bathtub in the house, ripping out the old jetted tub in the master should not hurt your resale value.” Dave maintains that oversized showers are still where it’s at, and he warns that deep jetted corner bathtubs can actually make a house feel dated to buyers. With a career spanning two decades in the Loveland-Fort Collins real estate market, Dave has seen consistent, increased buyer demand for oversized custom showers.

The Northern Colorado realtor is so convinced that big showers are smart renovations, Dave followed his own advice. He replaced the old jetted tub in his master bathroom (below left) with a new custom shower (below right).

dated corner jetted soaker bathtub   corner shower smaller bathtub master bath remodel

He even added a single-person soaker tub in his Loveland remodel showing there’s always room for compromise.

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At HighCraft, we find that many of today’s homeowners want big walk-in showers with glass walls and all the bells and whistles, such as overhead, wall-mounted and hand-held multi-function showerheads, thermostatic temperature controls and steam features. They also want bench seats for added comfort and safety, and built-in wall niches to hold soap and shampoo.

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Oversized showers may be winning this particular remodeling round, but don’t throw in the towel if you still love to soak in the tub. Our team is happy to create a master bath design that’s right for you. For homeowners who want to keep a tub in their remodeled master bathroom, a smart choice for resale would be opting for more energy- and space-efficient one-person soaking varieties.

And if space is at a premium and you choose to remove your soaker tub in favor of a larger shower, it’s OK – the housing market in Northern Colorado has a history of supporting your decision.


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