Make Your Remodeling Dollars Count

Every home remodel involves making choices. But when homeowners are on a fixed budget, the choices seem tougher. We’re often asked which projects to tackle first and where to prioritize limited dollars.

When comparing one dream project against another, ask yourself qualifying questions such as:

1.) How often do you, or would you, use each space?
2.) How many people would benefit from each remodeling project?
3.) Which project is the better resale investment?

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We remodeled this Loveland kitchen using affordable materials, appliances and fixtures that create a high-end look without blowing the budget.

Once you settle on an individual project, then you might be wondering how to get the most bang for your buck when it comes to selecting finishes, buying materials and choosing appliances.

We’ve learned some budget-savvy tips over the years. Bryan and Dwight share a few in their latest column “Make your remodeling dollars count.”