It’s Time to Plan Outdoor Living Spaces

After months of cold, snowy weather, spring is finally just around the corner, and summer will be here before you know it. Nothing beats the winter blahs like thinking about backyard retreats and outdoor living spaces.

Establishing an outdoor living area or open-air room creates additional space to relax and entertain, and Northern Colorado’s mild climate makes it easy to enjoy all year long.

Early spring is the perfect time to create an outdoor room. Completing this project now allows you to spend the summer enjoying the space instead of working on it.

Start off by identifying how you wish to use your outdoor space. Would you like to cook and eat outside? Then install a gourmet kitchen beneath a second-story deck and host family meals in an open-air dining space. Or would you rather create a secluded retreat to escape and relax? Then maybe a deck and hot tub with a privacy screen is right for you.

Next, evaluate your existing patio space and structures, keeping sun exposure in mind. Few people enjoy preparing or eating meals on a patio that is blistering hot. Colorado sun is intense, and our weather can be inclement at times, so be sure to consider durable materials and protection from the elements when planning your space. Open roofs and cross rafters of pergolas look nice, but if you want reliable protection from sun and rain, complement an attractive pergola by installing a solid roof above a portion of your outdoor space.

If you wish to create an appealing and long-lasting patio, use interlocking pavers, flagstone or stamped and stained concrete. You might also choose a deck finished with weather-resistant planks made from a composite of recycled materials. Both alternatives require little maintenance, maintain their structural integrity and are eco-friendly.

If you want a fully functional outdoor kitchen, then we suggest installing a built-in, gas-powered barbecue grill, complete with warming drawers, heating elements and plenty of grilling surface. Other conveniences might include a sink, under-counter refrigerator and a row of base cabinets topped by a weather-tough countertop.

We talked about indoor fireplaces last month, so it’s not surprising that a popular addition to outdoor living rooms is a fire feature. A fire pit or a modern gas-powered fireplace can be the perfect anchor for a cozy seating arrangement, adding ambiance and warmth on cool nights.

To merge indoor and outdoor entertaining, many remodeling designs feature all-glass folding or pocket doors that convert entire walls into large floor-to-ceiling open walkways between your home’s interior and outdoor living area.

By extending living space outside, the modern backyard provides year-round enjoyment and boosts property value for you as a homeowner.

Spring is in the air, so start looking for opportunities to push the boundaries of your home past the walls of your house and into the great outdoors. If you’re not sure where to start, contact your favorite remodelers and ask them for ideas. A professional contractor is always happy to help you sort out your options.

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