Don’t be in the Dark about Lighting

With more than two decades of experience in the Northern Colorado construction industry, we recognize that the most successful remodeling projects are driven by thoughtful design. And one of the most critical aspects of any great interior design plan is GOOD LIGHTING.

Lighting is powerful. It has the ability to enhance a room or make it uninviting. We need light to see color, and we use light and color to establish mood. Proper lighting guides our steps, reduces eye strain and helps us feel safe. Well-planned lighting can transform a harshly lit or shadowy space into one that is comfortable and welcoming.

There are three basic types of lighting: ambient, task and accent. Interior designers often use a combination of the three to bring out the best in every living space, and they think about them early in the design process.

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Ambient lighting, or general lighting, softens shadows on faces and is commonly the light used for basic activities like having dinner or doing homework. But on its own, without the influence of other types of lighting, it can wash out color and features. Ceiling fixtures, bright floor lamps and natural lighting from windows are good ambient examples.

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Task lighting increases light for a specific activity. Reading lamps, under-cabinet lights illuminating kitchen prep areas, and desk lamps are just a few examples. Ideally, task lighting should either be diffused with a shade or located between your head and the work surface to reduce glare, yet be bright enough to spotlight the task at hand.

HighCraft custom home accent lighting HighCraft custom home accent lighting staircase 

Accent lighting showcases decorative features such as artwork or architectural elements. This type of illumination creates a focal point and drama in a space, and often makes details and colors pop. Examples of accent lighting include recessed adjustable fixtures (can lights) and track lighting. Some accent lighting can be more decorative than functional, such as wall sconces and pendants.

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Outdoor lighting, often a combination of task and accent lighting, illuminates walkways and offers motion-sensor detection for added security. It can bring attention to landscaping and water features, and provides a warm glow and inviting atmosphere for backyard entertaining.

If you feel a smaller lighting project or larger design plan is too much to handle, enlist the help of a lighting professional. Our design team at HighCraft can help you create an electrical plan before you start remodeling, show you the latest technology, and offer lighting design solutions to make the most of your space. Contact us today for a free consultation.