How to Make Your Basement NOT Feel Like a Basement

Unfinished and dated basements are notorious for being dank dumping grounds for stuff we rarely HighCraft-Country-Farms-013use. Nobody wants to hang out with spiders and rusty paint cans in the dark corner of a gloomy basement. So most basements, although full of potential, tend to be a huge wastes of space.

A finished basement can double the usable square footage of your home and increase your property value to boot! Remodeling Magazine’s 2013 Cost vs. Value Report states that the average return on a basement remodel in the Western United States is 74 percent, making it one of the best remodeling investments out there. The magazine also maintains that a basement remodel is “… still the least expensive way for home­owners to add living space.”

Check out Dwight and Bryan’s November 2nd Building Solutions column in the Coloradoan newspaper for tips about how to take the “ick” factor out of your current basement and transform it into a favorite place to entertain and hang out.