Part 2: Historic Ritter House Remodel

HighCraft remodel Ritter house front

Our crew continues to make progress on the whole-house remodel of the Ritter House, a circa 1920 historic home in the Eastside neighborhood of Fort Collins.

This is Part 2 of our update, which covers some highlights from the month of May. For additional “before” photos and a little backstory, be sure to check out Part 1: Historic Ritter House Remodel, which covers February and March updates.

And check back with our blog every month before September to watch this remodel unfold from start to finish.

PART 2: MAY 2018



HighCraft remodel Ritter House garage May
Siding and roofing have been installed on the garage.
HighCraft Ritter House remodel before photo fort collins
Back in March, the windows were removed and the front steps and porch were protected.
HighCraft remodel Ritter house front
By May, period appropriate prairie-style windows have been installed, as well as a small fir pergola over the original front porch and steps.
HighCraft remodel Ritter house back pergola before stain and stucco
In the backyard, a larger fir pergola is constructed and ready for stain.
HighCraft Ritter house back exterior
Tongue-and-groove fir soffit material has also been installed.

By May, interior framing in every room is complete. We plan to include more before-and-after photos in next month’s post.

HighCraft remodel Ritter warmboard
Warmboard radiant floor heating has been installed on the main level of the home. Next up: install the hardwood flooring over the warmboard.
Ritter house spray foam insulation ready for drywall
Spray foam insulation in the ceiling, and net-and-blow insulation in the walls, are complete and drywall is underway.

Stay tuned for more updates on this project, in-progress photos (including more before-and-after shots) and some fascinating history about the previous owners – Leo and Hilda Brand Ritter – the namesake couple who owned the Ritter House between 1935 and 1974.

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