Glen Haven Strong

We want to thank flood survivors in Glen Haven, Colorado, for teaching us a great lesson in gratitude on Saturday.

They are such a resilient, caring group of folks dedicated to rebuilding their special community just northeast of Estes Park. It was a privilege to help! Some residents completely lost their homes and businesses in the September 2013 flood. Many had to cope with damaged structures, access roads and driveways. All of them maintain a great attitude, and continue to pitch in wherever they can to help neighbors in need.

Thanks for letting our HighCraft crew be part of your community for a second volunteer day this spring, Glen Haven. Your positive spirit is infectious! If any community can weather the storm of flood disaster, soaking spring rains and epic snowpack runoff, it’s YOU.


HighCraft’s volunteer crew helping with flood relief in Glen Haven.

Highcraft crew volunteer day flood recovery glen haven colorado

Gordon, Scott and Kira removing a log.

Highcraft volunteer work day glen haven
Homeowners hoping to rebuild this summer.

This says it all.

HighCraft volunteer crew with fort collins rotary club 2014
We joined forces with Fort Collins Rotary Club to shore up a foundation.

HighCraft Builders kira koldeway volunteer flood recovery
Kira clearing debris.

HighCraft volunteer workday flood recovery efforts flag blessings
A great reminder posted at the volunteer fire station.

HighCraft volunteer crew flood recovery removing log jam

HighCraft Builders Kira Koldeway volunteer work day flood recovery Glen Haven Colorado

HighCraft Builders Glen Haven Colorado flood recovery

HighCraft flood recovery banner at Glen Haven fire station

There is still so much more to do! Want to get involved?

>> Email to volunteer your time
>> Check out the Glen Haven Area Volunteer Fire Department website for ways to help
>> Drive to Glen Haven and throw a few dollars in the donation boot at the Fire Station
>> While you’re at the Fire Station, buy a “Glen Haven Strong” bumper sticker or T-shirt
>> Support local business and buy a cinnamon roll at the newly opened Glen Haven General Store