Fort Collins Historic Renovation and Remodel

If you have driven into downtown Fort Collins lately via Mulberry Street, then you most likely have driven past one of our newest projects on the corner of Whedbee Street.  According to historic records one of Fort Collins’ earliest builders W.T. Early built the home for himself, completing the project in 1905. He was described as a “well traveled Englishman” who left Qu’Appelle, North West Territory, Canada, on May 26, 1886 for Colorado. It is also said he was of some prominence and known for building fine homes.  During the course of the next several months, HighCraft will be dramatically rehabilitating this currently residential space into a multi-office commercial space, all while preserving the original historic charm of the home.  This historic rehabilitation project is going to be a truly dramatic architectural transformation. Stay current on future updates as the project progresses.