Steffany Yasus

Steffany earned a bachelor’s and master’s degree in architecture from Norwich University in Vermont where she studied architecture in a hands-on, design-build studio environment. She brings years of residential project design, estimation and coordination experience to her role as HighCraft’s estimator, which she began in 2018.

Steffany appreciates HighCraft’s cohesive design-build team approach, and enjoys working with project coordinators, subcontractors and interior designers to develop each thorough estimate, scope of work and construction schedule. Her careful planning keeps everyone on the same page from day one.

“The people working here at HighCraft are all professional, incredibly hard-working and they genuinely care about their clients. I’ve never worked at a place that cares this much. It’s truly inspirational.” – Steffany

LIKES: Traveling, camping, the satisfaction of calculating numbers, fall foliage in Vermont (and maple anything), office supplies and organized lists.

DISLIKES: Seafood, a messy desk, anything mint, drivers who don’t know how to use a roundabout, and people who crowd around airport boarding gates when assigned to the last boarding group.

More Than Meets the Eye: At 17, Steff graduated from high school a semester early and traveled to Peru where she worked several months in the Andes, hiking the Inca Trail and clearing jungle overgrowth from ancient ruins. She also makes pinhole cameras out of just about anything, including a hat box that she uses to take 360-degree panoramic shots.