Randy Jackson


Randy has worked in manufacturing for nearly 20 years, and applies his strong attention to detail on every job for HighCraft. As our shop facilitator, Randy is responsible for receiving and inspecting materials, managing inventory, and delivering project materials to jobsites. He’s also a valued utility player who goes where he’s needed most to best support HighCraft’s team of project managers and our clients. Whether he’s delivering materials, lending a hand with demo, overseeing warranties, or cleaning up after a day of construction in your home, Randy’s flexibility is deeply valued and his positive attitude is contagious.

“One of the coolest things about HighCraft is we all work as a team to see a project through. The result is quality work and a job well done for every client.” – Randy

LIKES: The ocean. Gardening. Hunting, fishing, and camping with his family, especially near Red Feather Lakes. Seeing things built from the ground up. Becoming a grandpa.

DISLIKES: Negative people, disrespectful behavior, and a messy job site.

More than meets the eye:
Randy was born and raised in Loveland, and he inherited his deep love of cooking and gardening from his mom. Today, Randy eats what he grows in his raised garden boxes. His specialty is pasta, the spicier the better, and he can smoke an amazing brisket.