Mike Hutsell NCARB


Mike has been with HighCraft Builders since 2016. He earned a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Design from the University of Colorado Boulder where he studied architecture, urban planning and landscape design. Before graduating from CU, Mike worked on the design for a neighborhood food co-op and was an intern at Barrett Studio Architects in Boulder.

Today, Mike’s architectural designs bridge the goals of clients and craftsmen to create meaningful, personal living spaces that inspire.

“I really like the type of work we do for clients at HighCraft and the level of detail we put into every custom, high-quality design.” – Mike

LIKES: Thoughtful design (it’s all in the details!), the Tiny House movement, working outside, accessible design for the elderly, and his lovable dog Jack.

DISLIKES: Inferior building materials, driving in heavy traffic, and cookie-cutter buildings that look like they were designed by a robot.

More than meets the eye:
As the son of a meticulous trim carpenter, Mike grew up watching home improvement shows and drawing floor plans at the tender age of seven. Today, he enjoys spending free time with his wife remodeling their 100-year-old house in Old Town Fort Collins. Together, they have fun designing modern updates and celebrating their home’s history.

We really can’t say enough how impressed we’ve been with Mike. We’ve been impressed with everyone on the HighCraft team, but Mike, I feel like, is exceptional. He’s really good at his job. He’s super talented. He’s unbelievable. – Ally and Jeff