Massey Brooks NCARB


Massey has a Bachelor of Design in Architecture from the University of Central Florida, and a Doctorate of Architecture from the University of Hawai’i at Manoa. His doctoral research explored how architectural design can influence our health and wellness, and how neuroscience can inform how and where we live. As a result, Massey has a comprehensive understanding of what makes spaces work well for people, and has taught architectural design courses at the graduate level.

Massey has worked for award-winning architectural firms, including international giant Callison based in Seattle, on projects in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, India, Nigeria, Vietnam, and across the United States. Massey also founded SMASHdesign, a Colorado-based architectural firm that specialized in contemporary residential design. As a HighCraft architect, Massey applies his experience to residential projects of all sizes, and creates one-of-a-kind designs for each client. A registered architect, Massey joined the team at HighCraft because he appreciates the collaborative approach of design-build construction.

I’m really inspired by everything under one roof at HighCraft. The whole reason I decided to get back into a team is the push and pull of ideas. Having the architect, drafters, interior designers, and construction crew on the same team produces a better solution for the client.” – Massey

LIKES: Music, mountains, jamming with friends and local bands. Beautifully crafted things that show the touch of a master’s hand. Kindness over just about anything else.

DISLIKES: Leaving the windshield wipers on after the rain has stopped. Anything poorly designed.

More than meets the eye:
Massey grew up in Florida where he surfed, studied architecture, and watched space shuttle launches from a surf board on Cape Canaveral. He moved to Hawaii for graduate school, where he surfed, studied architecture, and mastered the ukulele. An abundance of mountains, seasons, friends, and outdoor sports drew Massey to Colorado, where he enjoys hiking, trail running, mountain biking, rock climbing, kayaking, hunting, fishing, backpacking, snowboarding – all the “ings.”

Massey was fantastic, we felt comfortable with him from the beginning. He made our project look exactly the way we wanted it to. – Jason and Vanessa

Massey Brooks was absolutely wonderful listening to and interpreting our design and vision for the space, and he was really fun to work with. – Steve and Nicki B.