Lance Magnuson

Lance has more than twenty years of experience in residential remodeling, new construction and project management.

He began framing houses right out of high school, honed his skills to become an interior trim carpenter, and eventually owned and managed a custom cabinetry business for seven years. Before joining HighCraft, Lance and his family also lived in Alaska where he fixed and flipped houses north of Anchorage.

As a project manager for HighCraft Builders, Lance is a straight shooter who believes in open and honest communication. When Lance sets his mind on completing a task or project for a client, he won’t stop until it’s done – and done right. Customer satisfaction isn’t just part of the job for Lance, it’s his true passion and always his number-one priority.

“At HighCraft, everyone’s on the same page, we work well together, and we share the same goal of satisfying the customer. I appreciate the camaraderie; I’ve never seen anything like it. It’s like being part of a family.” – Lance

LIKES: Hunting and fishing. Cooking for his friends and family (the more people the better). Working out at the gym. Going to concerts. Happy clients.

DISLIKES: Tardiness to anything. People who text at stop lights and use cell phones while driving. Overpowering perfume. Heavy metal music. A cluttered jobsite.

More than meets the eye:
Lance was born in Greeley, grew up in southern Oklahoma, and moved back to Colorado during high school. After fulfilling a lifelong dream to live in Alaska, he and his wife returned to Colorado to raise their two daughters in the Lower 48. Lance is a dedicated bodybuilder with the goal of someday participating in an official NPC bodybuilding competition. He’s also an SSI-certified scuba diver who has explored the 65-foot depths of the Utah Crater – a 10,000-year-old geothermal hot spring near Heber City, Utah.

Lance was an excellent manager for our project. It was amazing how quickly some of the major tasks were completed. Lance was very easy to communicate with. We were very pleased. – David and Mary