Heidi Thrash


Heidi is the friendly face behind the front desk at HighCraft Builders. And if you call the office, it’s usually her warm and welcoming voice that greets you on the other line. Heidi loves a good challenge. She’s a marvel at tracking down answers to tough questions, and she jumps at any chance to support her hardworking team.

“Everyone who works at HighCraft cares deeply about client satisfaction and a job well done. Having those high standards is important to me, it inspires me, and it feels great to be part of a team where we’re all on the same page.” – Heidi

LIKES: Hiking with her husband and their two blue heeler dogs. House plants. Cooking and baking from scratch. Camping solo. A tidy desk area.

DISLIKES: Weak coffee. Chilly feet. Riding her bike on a windy day. People unable to see the positive. Anything lukewarm.

More than meets the eye:
Heidi’s parents worked in the building industry for decades, and she practically grew up on construction sites in the hills of California east of Monterey Bay. Her dad built the house where she was raised, and some of Heidi’s earliest memories involve playing with her sisters in the framing before the walls were up.