Andrew Puppos NCARB


Andrew earned his B.S. in Architecture from The Ohio State University, and his M.S. in Architecture from the University of Arizona. In addition to the design classes that honed his CAD software skills, some of his other favorite courses explored sustainability and energy efficiency.

As an architectural design assistant for HighCraft Builders, Andrew works closely with our in-house team of architects and interior designers to produce as-built plans, conceptual designs and 3-D renderings during the planning phase of a project.

“One word that I associate with HighCraft is ‘care.’ That’s what really drew me to HighCraft. The attention to detail, and the care and thought that goes into the design here. Every house is designed, built and remodeled with a lot of care.” – Andrew

LIKES: Mountain views and craft beer, Kurt Vonnegut, and fixing things instead of throwing them away.

DISLIKES: Tract housing and any other cookie-cutter type of home designs. People who don’t wipe down machines at the gym.

More than meets the eye:
Andrew is a tinker and a doodler, a crafter and a noodler, a creative jack-of-all-trades who can make practically anything from scratch. Andrew welded his own forge so he could pursue blacksmithing, and he can repair camping gear or make a hammock with a sewing machine. Woodworking? No problem. And 3-D printing? He uses it to make cool gadgets for around the house.

So thankful for you Andrew! You rock! – Kelly