Create Extra Space to Accommodate Guests

If you’re like us, you’re still catching your breath after the whirlwind of the holidays. If your home was the gathering place for a houseful of guests, you may now have visions of home improvements dancing in your head. There is nothing like playing host to a large number of family and friends to test the functionality and capacity of your home. If you had family members bunking in the same room or people sleeping on the floor and space felt tight, you may want to consider one or more of the following solutions.

DesignGuest Space

Redesigning key aspects of your home is one of the most simple  and cost-effective ways to increase your guest’s comfort and your own peace of mind.  Add a Murphy bed to an office and you suddenly have a convertible guest room. Rearrange some furniture and minimize clutter for a more open floor plan, and your home can suddenly feel larger and less crowded. Use lighter paint colors and more natural lighting to the same effect. Explore storage and cabinetry reconfigurations as well –  a well designed island  in the kitchen can increase seating while maximizing storage space.


The most obvious way to add more space for guests is by  building an addition.  A new sunroom that includes  a nice pull-out couch can increase the bang for your buck by creating a dual-purpose space. Adding a pop-top to your garage can add square footage without stealing yard space. If you do have the lot space, consider building a separate structure on your property to serve as a mother-in-law suite. This is ideal if you are often find yourself with guests on an extended visit, and gets rid of the task of hauling blankets and pillows between the couch and closet.


You can work within the existing footprint of your home to make better use of the space you already have. Finish the basement or unused attic space to gain guest rooms and/or recreation space, or relocate interior walls to divide or open up a room. Steal unused space from one area for another purpose. The space under stairs, for example, can become sleeping quarters for younger kids, a playroom or a place to stash toys away. Compartmentalizing a bathroom by putting two sinks in one room and the toilet and the bathtub or shower in another is one more great way to maximize existing space where it really counts.

Creating more space in your home for guests makes the experience more enjoyable for everyone involved, not to mention the value it adds to your home. Making changes that improve sleeping arrangements and ensure that guests and homeowners alike have sufficient privacy can make long-term stays more feasible.  Many homeowners are surprised to discover how easy it is to find extra space when you look at your home with a fresh set of eyes.  Whatever you decide, there is no time like the present to put your plan into action.