A Social Media Day Confession


Today is Social Media Day, which gives us an opportunity to recognize some good things about social media. It’s immediate. It’s a powerful, evolving mechanism that allows us to interact with our community in wonderful ways.

But it’s pretty hard to beat the wonderful feeling of sitting down at the kitchen table, over a cup of coffee, to talk with a homeowner about their dream kitchen. That feeling of sharing stories, getting to know each other, and building a trusting relationship face-to-face is pretty special to us. Social media will never replace getting a hug from a happy client.

Personal meetings are especially important in the remodeling business where a homeowner needs to feel 100% comfortable with their builder. A remodel is often an emotional process so compatibility is crucial. It’s amazing how quickly intuition and “trust your gut” instincts kick in when you talk on the phone or face to face. Every professional contractor has a different personality and communication style. The first telephone call and that initial meeting are great ways to make sure the remodeling professional you welcome into your home is right for you.

Having said all that … SURE! You can absolutely find HighCraft on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Houzz. These platforms are wonderful ways to share idea galleries, latest news, remodeling tips, upcoming events, and fun embarrassing throwback photos of our crew. It’s a great way to begin a conversation, too. We truly love that.

We will always appreciate real hugs, but we also treasure every social media “like” and post you send our way. They really make our day.

So, don’t be shy. Please like, follow, pin, and connect with us! If it feels right, please share HighCraft posts with others. We would be much obliged.

Or simply give us a call, or stop by the office to chat, if that’s more your style. Thanks to everyone who has connected with us in-person and through social media over the years. We don’t like you, we LOVE you. Sometimes we just don’t tweet that enough.