From the HighCraft Design Studio: 5 Hottest Kitchen Trends for 2019

Which kitchen remodeling and design trends will ring true in the New Year? HighCraft designers Jill, Danette and Katie weigh in on FIVE kitchen trends predicted for 2019.

hammered copper sink island transitional kitchen


Sinks that make a statement will be big in the coming year. We’re going to see more metallics, including copper and brushed brass, with and without hammered finishes.

gray farmhouse sink kitchen remodel

And look for more color and functionality in kitchen sinks. Deep and generous farmhouse basins will come in a variety of materials – including fireclay, cast iron, enamel, stone, metal, concrete and more – and will be available in a variety of colors beyond classic white, such as deep gray (pictured above).

prolific sink by Kohler 2019
photo courtesy Kohler

When it comes to functionality, manufacturers like Kohler and Blanco are responding to consumer demand for more versatile and “integrated” kitchen sinks, such as the ProlificTM undermount basin by Kohler (pictured above) – a multi-tiered, multi-use customizable workspace that includes a sliding cutting board, colander, soak bin, drying racks and more.

ivory Elise French style range by AGA
photo courtesy AGA


Retro- and vintage-look appliances will become increasingly popular in 2019 kitchens, including state-of-the-art luxury models that mimic the look and feel of old-world French charm, like the Elise range by AGA (above) and the cast iron oven by AGA (below).

aga cast iron range oven French kitchen
photo courtesy AGA
bluestar kitchen pc kevin meynell
photo by Kevin Meynell courtesy Bluestar

Taking color even further, manufacturers Bluestar and Dacor allow you to personalize their high-end appliances with any custom color imaginable using their color-match systems.

blue kitchen cabinets copper range by bluestar
photo courtesy Bluestar

If you don’t want to apply bold color to all of your appliances in 2019, you can apply color to one, like the copper range by Bluestar (above), or add color-pop knobs and brushed metallic trim (below) for subtle interest.

blue kitchen brushed brass range trim by Bluestar
photo courtesy Bluestar
cast iron white AGA range in blue kitchen
photo courtesy AGA

When it comes to kitchen cabinets in 2019, think simple, sleek and open.

modern blue kitchen L-shaped island

Many homeowners are craving minimalism, and we’re seeing an uptick in modern, seamless cabinets with subtle edge pulls that are barely detectable. There’s definitely a “less-is-more” movement afoot, with demand for clean counter surfaces and fewer upper cabinets.

open shelving kitchen remodel

And the open-shelving trend that gained momentum in 2018 will continue well into 2019. Although we expect to see continued demand for wood shelving, industry experts predict a shift in open-shelving materials to favor more metal.

stone backsplash kitchen remodel


We should see an increased use of raw materials in 2019 kitchens, including a combination of stone, jute, wood and leather in eclectic designs. And while metal and concrete aren’t technically raw materials, we’ll add them to this list. The resulting look reflects the practical use-what’s-at-hand minimalist mindset, and satisfies a universal hunger for clever craftsmanship that finds a practical use for every scrap of material in today’s throw-away culture.

industrial pipe railing half wall

Prepare to see more leather pulls on drawers, repurposed wood for butcher block work surfaces, custom concrete countertops, sinks and flooring, stone walls and backsplashes, and industrial pipe as handrails, half walls, and as brackets to hold open shelving.

highcraft statement flooring master showers


Last but not least, the 2018 trend that added visual punch to bathroom flooring will spill over to the kitchen in 2019. We should see more dramatic patterned wood and tile flooring that will breathe new life and personality into kitchens this year.


What do our interior designers think about the industry’s kitchen predictions for 2019?

Unique Sinks

“I agree with this prediction,” Danette says. “I have noticed some of our clients requesting more unique finishes and colors in their sinks, especially in secondary areas like a wet bar.”

Jill adds that clients often start the kitchen design conversation wanting a functional kitchen with a practical sink. “People want sinks deep enough to wash large pots,” she says, and they’re asking about sink accessories to help make food prep and cleanup easier.

“Bold and colorful seems to be the trend within the design world right now, even with plumbing fixtures and sinks,” Katie says. “I am loving these fun designs and think they could be perfect in a basement bar or even a powder bathroom.”

Appliances with Character

“I absolutely love this throwback design,” Katie says, “and I hope it stays around for awhile.  I would love to see this in one of my designs someday soon.”

Less is More Cabinetry

“We recently designed a kitchen for a client that meets this description exactly,” Danette says. “People are looking for clean lines, minimal hardware and a more modern look.” She adds that here in Northern Colorado, people seem to want a modern twist in the kitchen, but not ultra-modern.

Jill agrees with this prediction, and says more and more clients are asking for simple kitchen designs. “We continue to see more ‘airy’ kitchens, with simple cabinet door styles, and a lot more open shelves instead of heavy upper cabinetry.” She adds, “This idea of ‘less is more cabinetry’ can span across different design styles, too – from modern/contemporary with floating simple shelves, to industrial/rustic with the use of different materials, to even a cozy cottage feel, openly displaying mismatched dishware. I like that it is so versatile!”

“This is becoming more and more popular,” Katie says. “I love this modern look and it looks like its here to stay for a while.”

Raw Materials

“I love this trend of mixing and matching raw materials, and not just two, but multiple finishes in a space to add interest and texture!” Jill says. “There can be something calming about bringing in these raw, natural materials, such as stone and reclaimed wood, into a space. We’ve definitely seen an increase in the use of metal for various applications and I think that will only continue in 2019. I look forward to seeing how leather can play a role in some of these areas as well!”

“Yes!” Danette says. “We have been seeing lots of exposed metal, raw/reclaimed wood, and other raw materials. You see industrial design touches all over, even in commercial settings like restaurants and retail stores.”

Katie says, “This seems to be a trend especially here in Colorado.  A lot of our clients are transplants from other parts of the country, and they want to immerse themselves in that rustic mountain lifestyle.  We see a lot of natural stone, live edge furniture, and natural wood finishes.”

Statement Flooring

HighCraft worked with a lot of patterned tile in 2018, and Danette says,“I have also been seeing lots of creative ways to transition one flooring material to another.”

“I think clients are becoming a little more adventurous when it comes to flooring,” Katie says. “It’s not the same old boring carpet in basements anymore. Instead we see beautiful luxury vinyl plank flooring that can really transform a room.”

“I’m interested to see how statement flooring can be brought into the kitchen,” Jill says. “We have definitely seen a trend throughout bathrooms and I think a lot of people are excited to break up the sea of flooring in an open concept plan, or even make the floor the ‘wow’ factor of the kitchen.”

Looking back on last year, Danette says 2018 was all about white kitchens, gold hardware, gold plumbing fixtures, and the farmhouse style. Blue and green cabinets were also wildly popular in 2018, and that trend will most likely carry over into 2019. “The ‘Chip and Joanna Gaines effect’ was very influential in my opinion,” she adds about 2018 kitchens. Danette also predicts that wallpaper will make a comeback in 2019. “There are some really cool and updated patterns out there that can add a nice touch to certain areas of a home,” she says, adding, “in moderation.”

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