2015 Battle of the Beans

HighCraft families had a ton of fun this year at the Sailer’s annual Harvest Party and Chili Cook Off.

Once again, the chili crockpot competition was INTENSE! There were more than 25 entries in the 2015 Battle of the Beans, with names like “Ghoulish Green,” “Witch’s Stew” and a red chili simply called “Texas.” (And trust us … you don’t mess with Texas!)

It was such a treat to carve pumpkins, gather around the bonfire and reflect on another amazing year as a team. We love our HighCraft family.

Thanks for hosting, Dana and Dwight!
2015 harvest party dwight dana



2015 HighCraft harvest party kittens
Barn kittens and a fantastic photo bomb.
HighCraft Builders harvest party
There were more than 25 entries in this year’s chili competition!
2015 HighCraft harvest party dwight prizes
Dwight announcing the winners of the chili cook off.
2015 HighCraft harvest party Katie
HighCraft design assistant Katie Read surrounded by family.
HighCraft design build remodel sweatshirt
HighCraft Builders’ new tag line: “Design. Build. Remodel. Eat Chili.”
2015 HighCraft harvest party night lights
We wrapped up the night with authentic Mexican hot chocolate by the fire.
2015 HighCraft harvest party kira huds
HighCraft design manager Kira Koldeway with a big hug for her little man.
HighCraft harvest party barn talk
A lofty view of the chili lineup that stretched down the barn wall … and some HighCrafters talking shop.
HighCraft Builders harvest party foosball
HighCraft estimator Sam Sala is nobody’s foos. On a foos errand? Playing the foos? (That’s all I got)
2015 harvest party pumpkin carving
Epic pumpkin carving station!!
HighCraft harvest party tums
By the way, if you decide to mess with “Texas” then you better have a few of these on hand.
HighCraft Builders chaco dog
Chaco was full and completely tuckered out after cleaning up abandoned dessert plates all night.
HighCraft harvest party pumpkin
Wishing you and your family good times and a warm hearth this harvest season. Until next year!