Thomas Robison


Thomas has more than ten years of combined experience in logistics, dispatching, home improvement and project management.

Before joining HighCraft, Thomas worked in multiple fields, including handyman, customer service and home contracting businesses. He always puts forth his best effort on any task, large or small. As a project manager for HighCraft, Thomas takes pride in the details, runs an orderly jobsite, and loves to see a project through from start to finish. His superpowers are clear direction and honest communication, and he’s on a mission to make each client a raving fan.

“At HighCraft, it matters that the customer is happy, and that’s important to me. They don’t just talk about high standards at HighCraft, they live by them – not just at work, it’s a way of life.” – Thomas

LIKES: Family, the outdoors (especially hunting, fishing, hiking, camping), and raising his five kids to love and respect the Lord, others, and the animals they have been blessed with on their farm and in nature. Country music, a good IPA, and a clean jobsite. All burritos, the spicier the better.

DISLIKES: Laziness, people treating others with disrespect, and anything grapefruit.

More than meets the eye:
Thomas grew up in the small town of Saguache, Colorado, with a high school graduating class of 13. After moving to Denver, he realized city living wasn’t for him, and he eventually put down roots on a three-acre farm just outside of Loveland. When he’s not feeding the pigs, chickens and alpacas, he’s playing lead guitar on the worship team at church with his two sons.