Shann Kettle

Shann works closely with project coordinators, trade partners and designers to develop each detailed project scope and associated estimate. Her thorough preparation and organization paves the way for a smooth construction start. Shann loves the potential of a new project, and she’s passionate about fine tuning every last detail to get it right for the client.

“The thing that drew me to HighCraft is I feel like part of something bigger. I was looking for a greater sense of purpose in my career, and I really found that at HighCraft. There’s a real sense of team.” – Shann

LIKES: Cooking, football, being outdoors, compulsive closet organizing, and spending time with her family.

DISLIKES: The smell of junipers, five finger shoes, smoking, and disingenuous people.

More than meets the eye:
Shann enjoys family time so much she often hosts big shindigs at her home, like weddings, parties and Thanksgiving for an army. When Shann’s on a mission, nothing can stop her event. The night before her son’s military send-off party, water flooded three levels of Shann’s house. With the help of a restoration company, Shann cleaned, cooked and managed to seamlessly pull off a party for 60 within 24 hours of the disaster, and no one was the wiser.