Ryan Hughes

Ryan has been with HighCraft Builders since 2015. He’s our go-to guy for hanging cabinets, setting doors, installing casing and anything else that requires the finest trim work. He followed in his dad’s footsteps as a carpenter and has been honing his craft for more than a decade. Ryan has an exceptional eye for detail and his commitment to quality is second to none.

“Everyone at HighCraft works together, is willing to listen to new ideas, and is open-minded with each other.” – Ryan

LIKES: Sushi, his kids’ soccer games, a clean house, and the lawn mowed in straight lines.

DISLIKES: Clutter, traffic, a messy work space, and when drivers don’t use their blinkers.

More than meets the eye:
Eat your heart out, Brady Bunch! Ryan is the middle child in a blended family with 11 brothers and sisters. He grew up in western Nevada near Lake Tahoe, so he feels right at home hunting, camping, and fishing in the Colorado outdoors.

“I was most impressed with how Ryan left my home after a day’s work. He always left it how he found it [and] I really appreciated that about him. He does such high quality finishing work and I was impressed with his attention to detail. Also – [he] was fun to be around!” – Julie and Russ