Russ Barrett

Russ has been with HighCraft Builders since 2011. We call Russ our utility player because no matter what he’s tasked with, he jumps in with both feet and comes armed with a comprehensive knowledge of multiple trades. His constant desire for flawlessly run job sites and thrilled clients makes him the perfect person to supervise projects. And if any of his fellow project managers need a hand buttoning up last-minute details, they know they can call on Russell to help get the job done quickly and efficiently.

“I love the way that everyone at HighCraft works as a team to offer support and learn from one another. If you fall short in one area, there is always someone there to help you learn the ropes and improve your skill set.” – Russ

LIKES: Supporting local business, the eclectic Fort Collins community, 4-wheeling, and camping with his family.

DISLIKES: Chewing with your mouth open, uncontrollable tempers, and a dirty job site.

More than meets the eye:
Russ is a lover of the outdoors and all things sports. When he was young, his baseball team was one game away from playing in the Little League World Championship in Tokyo.

“Russ is my go-to guy. I want to adopt him. Always prompt, always goes over and above, sees details others (including me) would miss and fixes them. Give him a raise, give him a promotion but don’t let him stop being my Project Manager.” – Barb