Rachel Lacerte

Rachel earned a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Design from the University of Colorado Boulder where she studied architecture, design and urban planning. She is the second draftsman to join our team from CU’s rigorous architectural design program, and she brings three years of residential and commercial design experience to HighCraft.

Rachel provides computer-aided drafting and drawing support for HighCraft’s Architectural Design Team, including the production of conceptual plans to help clients visualize their project, as well as buildable plans to satisfy permitting requirements and to guide the construction process.

“The client experience is more personal at HighCraft. The projects we work on are close to people’s hearts and affect people’s lives. That’s exciting to me, and it makes me passionate to do a good job because we’re all invested in the outcome.” – Rachel

LIKES: Yoga, traveling the world, skiing and snowboarding, learning new things, taking naps, and small acts of kindness.

DISLIKES: Traffic jams, bullies, being late to things, and poorly designed floor plans with wasted space.

More than meets the eye: After growing up in Fort Collins and attending college in Boulder, Rachel traveled first to New Zealand where she backpacked her way through the country, and then to the Dominican Republic where she taught English, learned Spanish and earned her Open Water Diver scuba certification.