Mary Mitchell SPHR

Mary earned her bachelor’s degree from the University of Colorado Denver and her master’s degree in nonprofit management from Regis University. She manages accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll and reporting to meet all financial obligations with clients, employees, trades and suppliers. Mary applies her process-oriented and efficiency-minded skillset to improve systems and help projects run smoothly. She also keeps an eagle eye on financial details, placing the client’s best interest at the forefront and ensuring total accountability.


“At HighCraft, there’s a high level of professionalism and joy in what we do, which is a unique combination. There’s a healthy work-life balance here.” – Mary


LIKES: Nature, her kids and all children, authenticity, hiking with her humongous dog Bart, and reverse-engineering something to better understand how it works.


DISLIKES: Naysayers, hot weather (76 degrees with a breeze is best!), inefficient processes, and complexity without purpose. 


More than meets the eye:
Mary grew up in the Pacific Palisades neighborhood of Los Angeles, but has lived in Colorado for more than three decades. When Mary was a teenager in California, she worked as a wildlands firefighter in the tiny town of Markleeville near Lake Tahoe.