Katie Read

Katie Read HighCraft Builders Design Intern

Katie has been part of the HighCraft team since 2014, and graduated with an Interior Design degree from FRCC. Working in the HighCraft Design Studio gives Katie immediate access to the latest finishes, unique trends, and a team of talented design peers to bounce creative ideas around. Katie has an exceptional eye for design, she asks the right questions to get a good sense of a client’s style, and she loves it when a project comes together.

“I have never felt so welcomed, or met such warm and helpful people, as I have at HighCraft. There is such a sense of team and family here.” – Katie

LIKES: Summer, her kids’ laughter, farmers markets, politeness, decorating her house, spending time with family, binge-watching television shows, and her beautiful bulldog LuLu.

DISLIKES: Rude people, excessive knick-knacks, people standing too close in the checkout line, and toothpaste blobs in the bathroom sink.

More than meets the eye:
Katie was born in Southern California, grew up on a farm in Loveland and lives with her two children in Windsor. Although she loves raising her family in Northern Colorado, she feels a strong connection to the beautiful beaches of Hawaii and wants to live close to the water someday.