Jordan Rosentreter


Jordan is more than just the friendly face behind the front desk at HighCraft. With a degree in managerial economics and a minor in business administration from Illinois State, Jordan keeps the office humming like a well-oiled machine. She’s a detailed planner, and the perfect person to field phone calls and schedule meetings with new clients. Jordan is a whiz at tracking down answers to tough questions, and she provides the frontline support her team needs to get the job done.

“As soon as I walked in the door at HighCraft, there was a sense of belonging. Everyone is genuinely kind. Everyone is respectful. It’s a great place to be. Being part of a successful company motivates all of us to work hard, and I’m proud to be part of the HighCraft team.” – Jordan

LIKES: Yoga, hiking with her boyfriend Evan and her dog Russell, and binging a good reality TV show. Making lists using the notes app on her phone. Being an auntie to Connor, Evie, Holden and Cece.

DISLIKES: Seafood, spam texts and emails, and passing a car at night with LED headlights.

More than meets the eye:
Although Jordan cannot stand the sight or smell of seafood, she worked at a Red Lobster during college. As the hostess, she often had to reach into the salt water tank to fish out live lobsters with her bare hands. The experience taught her a valuable lesson: sometimes you have to roll up your sleeves at work, so make sure you love what you do (and the company doesn’t have a fish tank).