Jill Arnhold Associate IIDA

highcraft builders interior designer jill arnhold

Jill has been with HighCraft Builders since 2014. She graduated with an Interior Architecture degree from Ohio University. She manages her own design projects while also providing behind-the-scenes support and computer drafting for HighCraft’s entire design team. Jill produces many of the tile drawings and 3-D renderings that help clients visualize their project before its completion. Her ability to draft how a space will look with different options allows each homeowner to make informed, confident decisions.

“I always heard great things about HighCraft, and it’s all true. It feels good to work with such a friendly, talented and hard-working team on so many high-quality projects.” – Jill

LIKES: Traveling, ice cream, her cat Henry, exploring the Colorado outdoors, and clean, organized spaces.

DISLIKES: Running late, cold weather, and close talkers who invade her personal space.

More than meets the eye:
Jill grew up in Western Pennsylvania and remains close with all of her siblings, especially her twin brother. She’s been asked a lot of questions about being a twin, but her favorite has to be, “Are you and your brother identical?”

“Jill was able to understand and capture our vision … truly grasped our style and helped guide us into making decisions that fit our budget and desires.” – Miles and Emery